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LTECH Q-series remote control

In 2018, it was the 17th year of LTECH, the leading brand of LED intelligent controllers. All along, LTECH adhere to maintain R&D innovation in the field of...

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Lighting Lesson Depth

When we are talking about the dimming range, two terms are involved, "measured brightness" and "perceived brightness" respectively.

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Lighting Lesson Preciseness

The dimming mode commonly used in the past was analog dimming which didn't cause any real problems when it was used in traditional light sources (Such as:...

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Lighting Lesson Flicker Free

Flickerless means flicker-free. The flicker what we define is not just able to be seen within the human eye, but also contains those invisible flickers....

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Lighting Lesson Smoothness

There are obvious differences between dimming and non-dimming lighting environments at the moment when lights are switched on. Great dimming is lit up from...

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