LTECH Q-series remote control

In 2018, it was the 17th year of LTECH, the leading brand of LED intelligent controllers. All along, LTECH adhere to maintain R&D innovation in the field of intelligent lighting. Now it’s launching a new pretty appearance products---Q Series RF wireless remote controller, you can experience the more intelligent dimming, welcome to inquire~

Q series RF wireless remote controller is a 2-zone remote control with color circle and touch slider. It can control dimming, tunable white, RGB, RGBW and RGBWW (RGB+ CT) 5 channels LED lights. Delicate dimming color, uniform smooth, to meet the customer's meticulous pursuit of lighting.

Q series RF wireless remote control has color indicator light to display color and brightness, which can remotely synchronize the light status, enabling users to watch the remote control and know the working status of LED lamps in the distance. At the same time, any wireless driver can be connected within the effective distance, which can be controlled synchronously and can be controlled by any combination of zones.

Q series RF wireless remote controller can be used with any type of wireless driver, wall-mounted touch panel, wireless module and another LT-BUS system.