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This LED dimmer is used for SingleColor LED-strips. The dimmer fits on regular installation boxes that are often already installed in the wall. This item includes a mounting box and a infrared remote (L 86 x W 33mm).

WiFi-104 + M12

The LED Controller WiFi-104 is renewed! You can easily controle your Single Color or MultiColor (RGB and RGBW) LED lighting when using the free app. Control up to 12 different zones. The LED Controller WiFi-104 is improved because itâs possible to link to an existing wireless network, and a private network can be created. Download the free app and...


The WiFi-101 is designed for the hobbyist and for users who want to apply LED lighting in one or more areas, as often in the hospitality industry. It comes in both RGBW, CT / Dim and DMX4 versions. Via a power adapter easily connected to the net, this controller can handle up to 12 Amps LED. It works with the versatile L-home app, which is free to download.

WiFi-106 + F12

LED Controller WiFi - WiFi-106


The StandAlone LED controller is a universal RGB-controller with multiple standard programs, like color changes. The speed and intensity can be adjusted on the controller itself.


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