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LED Signal Converter Dali. Converts Dali signals to 4 channels 0-10 V X4 (default). It is optional to order a 0/5V PWM or 0/10V PWM model.

A LED Signal converter.  Converts a DMX/DMX512 signal to a 0-10V signal. This article is also available on request in: - DMX to 5V PWM - DMX to 10V PWM

The D1 LED Controller for Single Color LED products and has 3 x 4A outputs up to 12A. The brightness can be determined by means of the Touch Circle or the arrow keys left and right. It can be left under the 30 second fade to on and off, for the in-and turn off the lights. Among the key directly below a preset can be stored.

With this DMX transceiver you can receive or send DMX, it works in the 2.4GHz frequency and there is a possibility to choose between 63 different channels. (operating between 2.401Hz and 2.464hz) Our recommended maximum distance is between the 15/20 meter, +/-30 meters is factory tested in an open environment without blocking signals.

The D4 LED Controller is designed for RGBW LED products and has 4 x 4A outputs up to 16A. The color can be choosed by the Touch Circle. The speed ââ¬â¹Ã¢â¬â¹and brightness can be determined by the arrow keys left and right. For white choose the touch key below right.

The D2 LED Controller is suitable for Adjustable white LED strip or a combination of wam white and neutral white LED strip. It has 2 outputs of each 4A for a total 8A. The brightness can be set with the touch circle or the arrow keys left and right. In the left bottom corner you can choose for if you want the 2 colours to fade over or if you would like to...

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