DMX-PWM CV Converters 

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This DMX LED controller is suitable to controll constant voltage LED, rated from 5 to 24 Volts. The controller is capable of 16 or 8 bit dimming and has a handy digital screen where you can easily set and read the DMX start address. 


DMX controller with 1 output 12A PWM. The controller has a digital display which depicts the DMX starting address. The starting address can easily be set. This DMX controller is also capable of sending out a 0-10V dimming signal.


The 32-channel  OLED DMX decoder is suitable for applications where multiple DIM, CT, RGB or RGBW must be controlled with a DMX signal. In case you are using RGBW Strip a maximum of 8 modules can be connected. With the Dimming mode this will be 32. It has 32 channels of 3A (96A max) and a maximum power of 2304W. Works with 12 and 24 Volt DC LED modules....


This DIN rail DMX controller has 4 outputs of each 4A and can be easily mounted on a DIN rail. The 4-channel controller is perfect to control RGBW strip through DMX. And it is easy to address trough the display.


This 8x6A DMX controller has 8 channels, and maximum load of 6 amps per channel. So you can individually control 8 LED systems individually from each other. You can easily use the dip switches with the binary numbers to set your DMX address, and you can choose from 3P XLR DMX-in or DMX over Ethernet to use with this controller.


The 24-channel DMX decoder is suitable for applications where multiple RGB or SingleColor must be controlled as individual zones with a DMX signal. In case you are using RGB FlexStrip a maximum of 8 zones can be addressed separately. With the SingleColor this will be 24 zones.

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