RF Controllers 


The LED Controller DMX 3x8A with LCD screen controls synchronous color changes of Led lights with 4-pin 3-loop cables (common anode), 36 optional modes, built-in a standard DMX512 decoder to receive universal DMX512 signal. It can operate standalone or with DMX512 devices to receive standard DMX512 signal. It can be used in combination with a power...


This LED dimmer is used for SingleColor LED-strips. The dimmer fits on regular installation boxes that are often already installed in the wall. This item includes a mounting box and a infrared remote (L 86 x W 33mm).


The StandAlone LED controller is a universal RGB-controller with multiple standard programs, like color changes. The speed and intensity can be adjusted on the controller itself.


The LED Manager 3x6A is suitable for controlling RGB LED strip. The driver is equiped with multiple pre fixed color loops. It is possible to save the intensity and speed in a preset.

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