DMX Converters

This series of DMX controllers enables you to control your LED's by means of a DMX signal. This way, you are able to use your own DMX light jockey and use LED's in your lightshow. Depending on which DMX decoder is chosen the controller uses 3, 4 or 24 DMX channels. Every channel has 256 steps to dim the LED's. Dimming is without any flickering. It is easy to choose one of the preset colors in the stand alone mode. Also, you can choose a color loop by setting all dipswitches "on".

  • Output grey scale: 256 steps
  • DMX standard: DMX512/1990
  • DMX connections: XLR 3P in and out, RJ45 and screw connection (in/ out)
DMX Touch Panels

DMX Touch Panels

DMX Dimmable Driver

DMX-RDM Dimmable Driver

DMX Wireless Controllers

DMX Wireless Controllers

DMX Signal Amplifier

DMX Signal Amplifier

DMX Master Controllers

DMX Master Controllers

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This DMX Booster with 3 outputs is suitable for using whenever it is need to amplify or split the DMX signal. It is very easy in use.


With this DMX transceiver you can receive or send DMX, it works in the 2.4GHz frequency and there is a possibility to choose between 63 different channels. (operating between 2.401Hz and 2.464hz) Our recommended maximum distance is between the 15/20 meter, +/-30 meters is factory tested in an open environment without blocking signals.


DMX controller with 1 output 12A PWM. The controller has a digital display which depicts the DMX starting address. The starting address can easily be set. This DMX controller is also capable of sending out a 0-10V dimming signal.


The D2 LED Controller is suitable for Adjustable white LED strip or a combination of wam white and neutral white LED strip. It has 2 outputs of each 4A for a total 8A. The brightness can be set with the touch circle or the arrow keys left and right. In the left bottom corner you can choose for if you want the 2 colours to fade over or if you would like to...


A Constant current DMX driver with built-in power supply. Directly connectable at 100-240 volts. Sends out PWM dimming and has a power load from 2.1 to 9.8W, 700mA current and a voltage range of 3 to 14VDC.NOTE! This product comes in 700mA!! Is also available on request in 350mA, 400mA, 450mA, 500mA, 550mA, 600mA or 650mA versions. To request, send...


The UX1 LED Dimmer Touch panel gives you the opportunity to easily Dim your LED lights. You can select the brightness by moving your finger over the bar in the middle. In addition, the UX1 has four shortcut keys which give you the opportunity to select 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% brightness. You can save your setting with the buttons I or II. The UX1 sends a...

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