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By Series

By Series

Ons assortiment LED controllers is met zorg samengesteld om voor iedere LED lichtbron en elk mogelijk LED project een passende oplossing te kunnen bieden. Wij leveren DMX controllers, DALI, 0-10V, triac en andere oplossingen ontworpen voor de professionele verlichtingsmarkt. 


DMX512/RDM Series

DMX is a lighting protocol that allows all lamps to be set independently of each other. The DMX512 protocol can set 512 addresses (8 bit) via RS485. The protocol is standardised and has been used for many years in the lighting industry.

In addition to the DMX512 protocol, the RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol can be used. This allows you to configure lamps that have already been hung up. It increases the flexibility of the network. RDM thus provides feedback of data in the entire configuration.

A DMX decoder can convert the universal digital signal DMX512/1990 into CC/CV PWM signal with advanced microelectronic control technology to control the LED. The control works via a DMX512 console and achieves a brightness of 0-100% or a changing color effect. It is possible to control single color, CCT, RGB, RGBY, RGBW and RGBA

DALI Series

DALI, or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a dedicated protocol for digital lighting control that enables the easy installation of robust, scalable and flexible lighting networks.

DALI was originally developed to allow digital control, one-way, broadcast-like operation of 0/1-10V analog control. With DALI, the broadcast option is also available; in addition, with simple configuration, each DALI device can be assigned a separate address, allowing digital control of individual devices. Furthermore, the DALI devices can also be programmed to operate in groups. This provides excellent flexibility since the lighting systems can be reconfigured by software reprogramming, without the need to change the wiring. Different lighting functions and moods can be achieved in different rooms or areas of a building, and then easily adjusted and optimized.

The digital nature of DALI allows two-way communication between devices, so that a device can report a failure, or answer a query about its status or other information. Wiring is relatively simple; DALI power and data is carried by the same pair of wires, without the need for a separate bus cable. The polarity of the wires does not have to be observed, in contrast with 0/1-10V systems where wiring errors are common.

The DALI bus is used for both signal and power. A power supply provides ≤ 250 mA at 16 V DC; each device may draw up to 2 mA. While many devices are line-powered. Each device has a bridge rectifier on its input so it is polarity-insensitive.

0/1-10V Series

Along with the rise of LED illumination, LED lamps are widely used in hotel, business center, household decoration etc. There are more and more chances to use LED and fluorescent lights at the same project, if LED lamps and fluorescent lights can be controlled together by a traditional fluorescent dimming system, it will make everything more convenient, but the dimming principles of LED and traditional fluorescent lights are different, LED lights can not be dimmed by the fluorescent dimming controller directly.

As a fact of that, LTECH developed a new 0/1-10V to PWM dimming driver which has solved the compatible problem of fluorescent dimming system and LED illumination. LED lamps can be controlled by many traditional intelligent dimming systems.

NOTE:The CV Dimming Drive and CC Dimming Drive can be connected together on the same dimming system, which is convenient for controlling different LED lamps with different voltage and power.

Triac Series

The Triac Series offer the following possibilities:

- Full-digital circuit design, more outstanding performance and life
- PWM digital dimming, do not change the LED color rendering index
- Stepless dimming,really no flicker.
- 60000: 1 depth dimming, 0-100% full range of dimming, LED starts dimming from 0.1%.
- Wide voltage range + 8 current choices, can match lamps at different power.
- Short circuit / Over-heat / Over load / Non-load protection
- Multiple current, wide voltage, compatible with a variety of LED lights.
- Support Triac, Push Dim.
- Dimming range: 0~100%, LED start at 0.1% possible.

Power Amplifier

LED power amplifier is suitable for all of our single color & RGB controllers to expand power output, it supports PWM control and can connect one to three times more LEDs by adding one more power amplifier, and unlimited power amplifiers can be connected together theoretically.

The constant voltage power amplifier and constant current power amplifiers can be connected together, which is convenient for controlling LEDs with different voltage and power.

Signal input and output of LED power amplifier have security protection function with photoelectricity isolation of 5KV.

SPI Controller

Our pixel controller almost able to control all IC-driven LED lights. Compact and powerful, various built-in changing effects and customized scene modes can bring you fantastic color!

By RF remote control, you can select from a variety of dynamic lighting effects, set controlled pixels quantity, adjust the changing speed and brightness, change the lighting moving direction, adjust RGB sequence, select the IC type, store and play customized scene etc.