DMX Master Controllers 


The LED Controller DMX 3x8A with LCD screen controls synchronous color changes of Led lights with 4-pin 3-loop cables (common anode), 36 optional modes, built-in a standard DMX512 decoder to receive universal DMX512 signal. It can operate standalone or with DMX512 devices to receive standard DMX512 signal. It can be used in combination with a power...


With this DMX transceiver you can receive or send DMX, it works in the 2.4GHz frequency and there is a possibility to choose between 63 different channels. (operating between 2.401Hz and 2.464hz) Our recommended maximum distance is between the 15/20 meter, +/-30 meters is factory tested in an open environment without blocking signals.


This DMX Controller with its LCD screen is easy to operate. It is available with wireless control and keying control on the changing modes, speed and brightness, automatic timing and more than 580 modes.

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