DMX Converters

This series of DMX controllers enables you to control your LED's by means of a DMX signal. This way, you are able to use your own DMX light jockey and use LED's in your lightshow. Depending on which DMX decoder is chosen the controller uses 3, 4 or 24 DMX channels. Every channel has 256 steps to dim the LED's. Dimming is without any flickering. It is easy to choose one of the preset colors in the stand alone mode. Also, you can choose a color loop by setting all dipswitches "on".

  • Output grey scale: 256 steps
  • DMX standard: DMX512/1990
  • DMX connections: XLR 3P in and out, RJ45 and screw connection (in/ out)
DMX Touch Panels

DMX Touch Panels

DMX Dimmable Driver

DMX-RDM Dimmable Driver

DMX Wireless Controllers

DMX Wireless Controllers

DMX Signal Amplifier

DMX Signal Amplifier

DMX Master Controllers

DMX Master Controllers

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The 16 channel 350mA DMX decoder is suitable for controlling 350mA High Power LEDs. A maximum of 12 pieces high power LEDs can be connected to one output of the 350mA DMX controller.


This DMX LED controller is suitable to controll constant voltage LED, rated from 5 to 24 Volts. The controller is capable of 16 or 8 bit dimming and has a handy digital screen where you can easily set and read the DMX start address. 


A Constant current DMX driver with built-in power supply. Directly connectable at 100-240 volts. Sends out PWM dimming and has a power load from 3.5 to 9.8W, 350mA current and a voltage range of 10 to 28VDC.NOTE! This product comes in 350mA!!Is also available on request in 100mA, 150mA, 200mA, 250mA, 300mA or 400mA versions. To request, send an...


The 350mA DMX decoder is suitable for controlling 350mA High Power LED's. A maximum of 12 pieces high power LED's can be connected to one 350mA DMX controller.


This DMX Booster with 3 outputs is suitable for using whenever it is need to amplify or split the DMX signal. It is very easy in use.


The LED Controller DMX 3x8A with LCD screen controls synchronous color changes of Led lights with 4-pin 3-loop cables (common anode), 36 optional modes, built-in a standard DMX512 decoder to receive universal DMX512 signal. It can operate standalone or with DMX512 devices to receive standard DMX512 signal. It can be used in combination with a power...

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